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According to statistics about 40-60% of all inclusive stay clients agree to a photoshoot and purchase photos from the on resort photographer/ photoshop. We want to give Travel Advisors the option of giving their clients a superior alternative while allowing the advisor to also gain more commission on their St. Lucia clients. 

The option to have their treasured memories in paradise, beautifully and professionally captured and edited to accentuate the best of themselves and the destination. Something they can look back on and cherish forever. Memories to make them smile on life's difficult days. With us, you can expect quality photography that is far superior to that of the on resort photographers surprisingly at a more affordable price. Being able to provide exactly what the client requests, from the flawless, airbrushed, magazine look, to an all natural vibe. Whether for a celebrated special occasion, to capture the memories on one of the many amazing island experiences, or a sunset photoshoot on the beach of their resort just because. No matter the reason, we are here to capture the most stunning memories in one of the most romantic destinations. 

Client Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

With our 'Onelove' promise all registered agents receive commission on ALL sales/ purchases made by clients.

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Upon approval our advisors get exclusive access to our Travel Advisor Info Pages and Member area!