Pricing Breakdown

All ‘Rates’ are per hour and ‘Fees’ are per photo and in USD

Base Rate (Photographers fee): $150

This is the per hour rate for solely the photographer and required equipment to be on location. This rate does not include any photos. See price per edit and/ or full card conversion rates below.



* Special Discounts Available for Multiple Hour Bookings *

Additions/ Add-ons:


Lighting Assistant Rate: $20
This is the hourly rate per lighting assistant and required equipment to be on location(s). 

Edited/ Additional Photos Fee:

This is the price per photo based on the editing preference chosen

  • Touch and Go Edit: Basic color manipulation, basic framing: $5

  • Basic Edit: Blemish removal, basic color manipulation: $10

  • Advanced Edit: Blemish removal, body shaping, advanced skin smoothing, basic hair and background manipulation, teeth whitening and basic color manipulation: $30

  • Custom Edit: Our custom edit price is based on complexity of request: $5-$300


Full Card Conversion Rate:

This is the hourly rate to convert all images taken to jpeg. These exclude doubles, missed focus, and spoiled photos unless directed otherwise.

  • Basic Conversion: Receive all images taken in, full resolution: $100

  • Advanced Conversion: Receive all images taken, in full resolution, with basic framing, crops and color manipulation work done on each photo: $275

(discounts available for multiple hour conversions)