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About Us

A warm and hearty welcome to my website. My name is Hans and I want to tell you a little bit about me and my 'philosophy' if you will on what a vacation photographer should be😊.


Quite simply a vacation photographer is someone who has a genuine love for photography and for the destination they’re shooting in. This enables one to become an expert in photography in their designated location and an expert of in and of their destination itself. This gives you the client the peace of mind that all aspects of your shoot are taken care of. As a photographer with a passion for both the craft and St. Lucia, my aim is to preserve the memories of my clients' as they relish in the beauty of island through timeless photographs. Although I like to do posed shots and guide my clients through the motions to help them look their best, my favorite shots are almost always the ones where I capture those natural ‘in between’ moments where a the most genuine emotions are shown. These natural moments are plentiful in such a beautiful island and the sentiments are always mirrored by my clients when they finally get to view their photos. Getting statements like “his pictures just captures all of the love!!!”.

But it’s not all about what I want to see in a photo. I take pride in understanding each client's unique vision, marrying that vision with my own style, then executing the final product with precision. Because I believe that a photograph has the power to encapsulate the best, and most cherished memories, from very important occasions, I make it my duty to capture as many natural expressions and emotions that arise during their time with me.

Making that moment a genuinely fun and enjoyable one is the third key to being a true, master of ‘Vacation Photography’. For me, it is of utmost importance for clients to feel comfortable, safe, and happy. For them to truly and genuinely have a good time on their shoot. So, using this word a lot, but that ‘genuine’ feeling of happiness, excitement and even discovery while shooting in one of the islands’ many stunning locations, is what I strive to create and capture in my shoots. From the wonder on a child's (and their parents’) faces as they see their first wild dolphin, or pick their own fresh mango, to the love that blooms between couples as they enjoy their time together on a secluded beach or at a secluded waterfall, or the surprise of a wave hitting a chain of ladies while enjoying a fun shoot on their girls trip. I am dedicated to capturing the raw emotions and happiness of my clients because happiness is contagious, so I always get some of it too. And creating memories my clients can cherish and look back on for years to come. Memories that can make a bad day turn to good one if it's hanging up in your home. Because it brings you back to this paradise of St. Lucia, and back to that genuine state of happiness and the memories associated with that time. Memories captured and frozen forever at the perfect moment.

I invite you to experience the beauty of St. Lucia and the natural expressions that she will bring out in you while I capture through my lens.


My Story

My interest in photography began when I was just 8 years old. My aunt had this old Pentax MV-1 camera that everyone thought was broken, but I was fascinated by it. I loved winding the film crank, pulling the film lever, and hearing that satisfying shutter click. Even though it was a moldy old thing, I couldn't get enough of it. Unfortunately, it was taken away from me after hours of playing with it, but my interest had been peaked.

So, my aunt let me use her Polaroid camera with only three shots left in the cartridge. I was expected to just click those three shots away, but to her surprise, I was more focused on composing the shots and making them look good and appealing to me. The resulting photos weren't great, but my patience and interest were enough to make my aunt want to get me my own Polaroid for doing well in my end-of-year exams the following year. And she got it with THREE cartridges to have fun with! AWESOME!

I sped throught the first cartridge really quickly! With the second cartridge, I began to take my time and make the shots count. I had to! First of all I had no idea if/ when I would be able to get replacement cartridges. I had also realized how much lighting would affect the quality of the photo. And by the time I got to my last cartridge, I was able to get some really good family photos, a couple of which I think are still in an old family album somewhere today. But, sadly, with the last photo from the last cartridge printed, I wouldn't be able to play or experiment with a camera for a few years, and my excitement and interest waned.

That was until my parents got a sweet deal on a Lumix dmc-fx7, a digital camera! This meant no limits (in my head) because technology and photography had advanced with memory cards and digital formats, being cheaper and more accessible to even to islands like ours. I could experiment with as many shots as I liked and just delete them all if I wanted! I quickly became very savvy with the little 5mp beast and captured many, many family photos and videos that my family and I still look back on and smile at to this day!

But, sadly, all good things must come to and end, and I think I used that little thing so much that it started to malfunction and not too long after that, it stopped working completely. So, I was left camera-less for quite some time again, but this time my interest didn't wane. I had accessed the world wide web and was able to see and learn even more about the world photography and see awesome examples of great photographers.

So, I started to save up for my first DSLR. I saved money from school, did odd jobs around the neighborhood, but over time I got more and more disappointed. Saving up for a camera was hard. And what made it worse was seeing everyone around me who seemed to suddenly be interested in photography, being able to purchase DSLRs or getting them as gifts almost as soon as their interest was sparked.

I got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to shoot. I needed to get better. Watching everyone with the cameras and learning and growing made me happy but it also very frustrating to witness. So I took whatever money I had saved up at the time and researched the best camera I could get at that moment. A Kodak z990... In fairness, it wasn't the best camera I could get, but it was shaped like a DSLR and gave me manual functions for shooting. To me, that was close enough and it made me feel good. And from there, my passion for photography only continued to grow

(If this seems interesting let me know if I should continue this section)


My Photography Style

My approach and style of shooting is all about letting the island do the work and capturing the natural expressions and emotions of my clients in my photos. Letting St. Lucia do all the work is lazy, I know, but trust me when I say it truly is the best way shoot when on island. It's an experience in itself. And I truly believe that the beauty of St. Lucia does speak for itself, and it brings out a special joy and excitement in you when you take a few to seconds appreciate your surroundings. My goal is just to capture that happiness, that raw emotion that is brought out. I want to infect my clients with the same love and appreciation for the island that I have, and to help them create great experiences for me to capture some personal, unique memories that will last a lifetime.

So, since you've got this far you know a little more about me and my style of photography. You also now know that there is no better choice for booking your St. Lucia Photoshoot experience with. So just do yourself a favor and... Click Here to Book!

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