About Us

At Lanmen Photography we pride ourselves in what we do, because we love it! We love photography and we love St. Lucia  so it only made sense that we combine the two passions. We love taking the time to understand the essence of what the client want's to capture and executing it brilliantly. 
A photo is something that you will look at for many years to come. Our goal is to make sure that when looking back at your photos 10, 30, 50 years down the road, that it makes you as happy as you were while visiting
St. Lucia. We know that  a photograph can transcend generations and we want to make sure that
when it does, it represents the best part of you. 


Our Story

Photography had been an interest of mine since my aunt let me keep her Polaroid Supercolor 635 after she realized that I fell in love with it at about 9 years old. Back then my parents could not afford the instant film and getting it to the island was near impossible. In no time the camera became a dust collector as I had run through the 6 packs of film left by my aunt in no time. 
Without a camera, my photography interest had dwindled to almost nothing until it was sparked again when my parents got the first camera which I used extensively, Lumix FX12 by 
Panasonic. A 7 megapixel compact camera which was the most amazing camera in the world (to me at the time). And the ability to transfer and delete images meant I could take as many pictures as I wanted.

After a few years of playing, experimenting and lots of online research on photography I decided that I needed  a camera with manual capabilities. So after finals my requested gift for performing well was the Kodak z990 as I knew a DSLR was way beyond the reach of my parents. This opened an entire new world for me as I now had the power and freedom to create pictures I visualized  by adjusting shutter speed, aperture to some extent and ISO settings. This plus hours of online photography blogs, threads and YouTube really honed my skills and gave me a great understanding of the technicalities of photography.

That's when I started on a determined savings regiment. I would do odd jobs such as washing cars and cleaning yards and even saving my school lunch money sometimes to save up for my first real camera, A DSLR. I saved diligently for 6 years and based on my calculations was 2 years off my goal when my uncle realized what I had been doing and decided to pitch in. He bought me my first DSLR the canon 7D and I used my savings to buy a nice lens and some accessories like a flash, tripod, camera bag, filters, cleaning cloths etc. From there the rest is history.


My Photography Style

With my style of photography, I let St. Lucia do the work. I am in awe of this island which I'm blessed to call home. I love showing off this little gem they call Helen of the West. Whether my clients are from abroad or local. I give them an island photography experience that fascinates them, that captivates with feelings of admiration, and I capture them at that moment. I try to get them as infected with the beauty of the island as I am and I capture the natural expression of these moments. This has brought me much joy! Capturing that moment, a child sees their first dolphin in the wild, or seeing couples fall in love all over again… That raw emotion that people exude, that happiness, that’s what I live for. That is what I love to capture.