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Saint Lucia Wedding Photography

St. Lucia Weddings

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Voted worlds leading honeymoon destination Saint Lucia boasts exceptionally romantic and beautiful scenery which also makes it perfect for some amazing picture perfect weddings. Whether you have a grand vision, a small elopment or you're just want to keep to a comfortable budget. St. Lucia is sure to have the perfect backdrop to make any wedding extraordinary.

Types of Scenery:

  • Beach Wedding: With 99 beaches to choose from, with colors from white sand, to yellow/ golden sand, to even dark/ black sand. Saint Lucia is sure to have the perfect beach backdrop for your special and unique wedding day, There are small secluded beaches that are perect for a beautiful 'private ceremony. Through organizations like the St. Lucia National Trust, it is even possible to get married on the beach of a private island just 15minutes of St. Lucia's South east coast. An incredible experience!

  • Forrest Wedding: Majority of the islands center is rain forest and therefor offers some amazingly lush options for a forest themed wedding. Boasting some of the largest fern species in the world getting married in a scene straight out of Jurassic Park is truly a unique and magical experience.

  • Hilltop/ Cliff Wedding: St. Lucia boasts different type of cliff and hilltop scenery that offer amazing vistas of the island. Whether it be views of her lush interior, dramatic coastlines, towering mountains, blue waters or picturesque beaches. Any elevation on the island is sure to offer some truly breathtaking scenery. Perfect for small gatherings with unimaginable beauty!

  • Church Wedding: St. Lucia is predominantly Catholic but many other denominations are present on island. So there are many beautiful church settings for you to be wed in holy matrimony. What makes St. Lucia churches special is that they bring in the tropical atmosphere that you experiences outside to the interior of the church. Most the churches offer beautifully vibrant art work. From their walls to their stained glass. Some designed and brought to life by local artist St. Lucia's churches are your holy tropical sanctuaries.

  • Resort Wedding: There are no shortage or resorts to get married on in St. Lucia. This island was many niche resorts like  Ti Kaye, Jade Mountain, Ladera, Fond Doux. And some of the larger well known chains such as Sandals and Royalton. There are styles of resorts to meet anyone's desires and expectations. 


Need Help in choosing/ discussing venues? I'll be more than happy to assist. Whether you're interested in my photography or not. Don't hesitate to ask. Message me through our instant chat and leave your name and e-mail/ number.

St. Lucia Marriage Requiremnts

Legal Marriages

It's very easy to get married in St. Lucia. It’s actually possible to apply/ get a marriage license soon after you arrive on the island. A residency/ residency period is not required. As long as you have the necessary documents, you’re good to go. Take a look below to see what you’ll need.

Documents needed to get married in St. Lucia:

  • Birth Certificates

  • Valid Passports

  • Picture ID

  • Deed pool (required for name change)

  • Death certificate (required for widows and widowers)

  • Divorce decree (required for divorced brides and grooms)

Symbolic Marriages

For the many couples who choose to be married in their home country. Then have a destination sumbollic ceremony with their family and close friends. For one symbolic destination weddings are less costly. They are also a great choice for couples who don't have much time, and prefer to forgo the tedious gathering and completion of the documentation required for a legally-binding ceremony in a foreign country.

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