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Photoshoot Agreement And Booking Policy

  1. Please ensure all information filled out on the booking form is correct. 

  2. A 10% retainer must be made in advance to secure and confirm all bookings of photography sessions.

  3. In cases where a 50% advanced retainer is made to secure a booking client is eligible for a 3% discount on all photography services.

  4. In cases where a 100% advanced retainer is made to secure a booking client is eligible for a 5% discount on all photography services.

  5. Please note that All retainers are non-refundable

  6. Full payment must be made at the end of the session either via cash or PayPal.

  7. Client must inform Lanmen photography in advance if he is not the sole photographer for said event.

  8. Extra Time: The shoot is for the duration stipulated in the booking form. Extra time incurred as a result of client(s) late arrival, or client(s) delay(s) during the shoot will NOT be free of charge.

  9. Extra time Fee: A cost of $65 per half hour or part thereof. Extra time is not equivalent to extending shoot via the additional hour rate.

  10. Extra time fee will not be enforced or incurred for delays due to inclement weather.

  11. Additional Hour: The additional hour requested during the shoot costs $170 per hour or part thereof for up to 3 hours. Additional hour(s) are contingent on photography personnel availability and environmental conditions.

  12. Other guests will not interfere with the business of the photoshoot and that all parties involved in shoot will pay attention to the wishes of the photographer. Lanmen photography is not responsible for photographs not taken as a result of failure to provide reasonable assistance or cooperation of client or parties involved in photoshoot.

  13. All PayPal payments attract a 7% processing fee.

  14. Cancellations within 48 hours of shoot time result in a 30% charge.

  15. Cancellations within 24 hours of shoot time result in a 60% charge.

  16. No shows result in a 100% charge.

  17. Lanmen photography shall own the copyright to all images taken and/ or created and shall have exclusive right to reproductions.

  18. An image usage/ copyright release can be purchased.

  19. Client shall use images for personal use only. These images should not be sold or used in any promotional setting without first discussing and agreeing on terms and conditions of use with Lanmen Photography.

  20. Lanmen photography will not give out every image taken and will omit which he sees fit unless requested otherwise.

  21. Clients’ photos will be sent via online gallery with secure password access only.

  22. All photos are given as digital copies and not physical prints. Physical prints can be requested at an additional cost.

  23. Client is responsible for making a backup of images. Lanmen photography will make an attempt to keep archives, but this does not guarantee that they will be retained indefinitely.

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